2019 AGM Highlights


Mill Bay Waterworks District had their Annual General Meeting on March 28, 2019.  During the meeting, there were questions presented from the floor from the community members.  Below, find those questions and answers and other highlights from the meeting.

  1. Does MBWD have a financial contingency fund for the future?

    Yes, MBWD has a contingency fund in the form of Capital and Renewal accounts.  These funds are strictly composed of the Parcel Tax and surplus revenues at the end of the fiscal year.  Project prioritization, infrastructure life span and inflation costs are all considered in the planning for the District's future.

  2. What was the $10,000 grant for shown in the 2018 Financial Statements?

    MBWD was able to obtain a $10,000.00 grant through the CVRD.  Provincial taxes do not return to our local improvement districts.  This tax money is used in other municipalities within British Columbia.  The CVRD is willing to work with its improvement districts and apply for grants on their behalf.

    MBWD used this grant money towards an Aquifer Study in our area.  This study gives us more of an idea of the health of our aquifers, the amount of water in the aquifers, aquifer recharge and could aid in water sourcing.

  3. Can MBWD use sea water for fire fighting instead of potable water?

    This is a common question and unfortunately, it is not a viable option.  Firstly, a new piping infrastructure would need to be installed to deliver this new water source to all the hydrants in the District and salt water is very destructive to valves and pumps.  This would be a huge expense.  Salt water has always been a last resort for our local fire department as it is damaging to their pump trucks.

  4. How does the MBWD office deal with complaints from the community regarding people violating the watering restrictions and why don't we fine them?

    Every comment received by the office staff at MBWD is very important. When a complaint of someone in violation of the watering restrictions is received, we will contact that property owner, either via phone or letter and remind them of the regulations.  Mill Bay is an unincorporated area, therefore there are no municipal bylaws and staff for Bylaw Officers to enforce.  MBWD uses a tiered billing system to charge the small number of customers who abuse the rules than to implement higher rates overall for the entire District.

  5. Are there easier to read water sample results available for the community?

    MBWD takes weekly and annual water samples in the system.  See our weekly health sample results for Total Coliform and E. Coli.

    Our annual full spectrum test results can be found on our website. We also have listed on this page some information on measurement comparisons and a water hardness scale to better help understand the results.

    Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality are found online.

Other highlights of our AGM were the continuation of the design approval on our new Deer Park well in hopes to bring online into our system this year. The additional water that this well would supply could allow MBWD to either lift the water moratorium or to assist in the allowance of summer irrigation.  Other exploratory activities in water sourcing are also underway within the district.  2019 will provide some challenges, but it looks like a good year ahead.