Paying Your Bill

Would you be interested in signing up for pre-authorized payments?  If you are, please print off the Pre-Authorized Debit Form at the bottom of the page, fill it in and return it to our office.   Please indicate if you wish for us to withdraw payment for Parcel Taxes as well.

Otherwise, see below for other currently accepted bill payment options. 

Payment Through Financial Institution Online Bill Payment

Many financial institutions offer their customers the ability to pay their bills via an online bill payment service (through your bank's website), or through telephone banking.  Payments may take up to seven business days to post to the customer's account.  Please consult with your bank for more information.  Payments MUST be received in our office on or before the due date to avoid penalty.  

Please ensure when making online banking payments to your Parcel Tax invoice that the ‘payee’ is Mill Bay Waterworks District. The Roll Number on your invoice (starts with 765) is the account number.

When paying your Water Tolls invoice, your account number can be found on the top right corner of your invoice, you may also use the ‘personal banking number’ found on the left side of your invoice halfway down the page. Please call the office if you have any questions.

Payment By Mail

When paying by cheque through the mail, please send all payments with your remittance portion of the bill to: Mill Bay Waterworks District, PO Box 58, 875 Deloume Rd., Mill Bay, BC  V0R 2P0

To avoid a late penalty, please mail your payment at least five-seven business days before the due date specified on your bill. Payments that are not received in our office by the due date will be subject to penalty.

Payment Drop-off Location

You may pay your bill in person at our office located at 875 Deloume Road, Mill Bay. We can only accept cash, or cheques at the office.  The office is open to the public Monday, Wednesday & Friday from noon until 4:00 pm.  There is a secured mail slot on the front door which can be used for dropping off cheques outside of our office hours.

New Billing Portal

Register your account by clicking the link below. The online portal allows you to view your invoices, opt out of paper invoices and choose an email notification when bills are ready, and pay invoices by credit card. 

A customer service fee will apply to all online credit card payments.

You will have to register and add your account the first time you visit the portal. Your account number and online access code can be found on the top right corner of your tolls utility invoice. Please call the office if you need assistance setting this up or have any questions.

Parcel Tax Invoice Sample (JPG)

Tolls Utility Invoice Sample (JPG)

Pre-Authorized Debit Form (PDF)