Rates & Associated Bylaws

MBWD sends invoices to our users for Water Tolls Utility and Parcel Tax.

Water Tolls are billing for water consumption at your property. The revenue received from these invoices is to cover the operational expenses in the District. Types of costs include administration, water testing, infrastructure maintenance, utility costs, insurance, and emergency repairs.

Parcel Tax is a tax levy on each property within the District’s boundaries. MBWD is an Improvement District, which results in no Federal or Provincial Government tax support or funding. We are entirely reliant on the users to support the renewal plan of the District. MBWD requires the Parcel Tax revenue to cover the renewal of the entire District’s infrastructure and maintain the community’s fire hydrants.


Listed below, you will find our current Water Tolls Utility Rates and Policies. If you do not find the information you need, please contact our office, and we will provide it for you.

Standard Residential Service Rates

Bi-Monthly Base Rate Minimum (Effective following the December Billing Date) $75.79 (Includes up to 1999 cubic feet (CF) or 56.606 cubic meters (CM)
( To view other rates, please see the 2021 Tolls and Other Charges Bylaw 285 below)
Tier (CM): $ per cubic meter
56.607 - 84.924 CM $1.4050
84.925 - 113.237 CM $1.4800
113.238 - 141.554 CM $2.3792
141.555 - 226.501 CM $4.7022
226.502 + CM $7.0702
Tier (CF): $ per cubic foot
2000 - 2999 CF $0.0397
3000 - 3999 CF $0.0419
4000 - 4999 CF $0.0674
5000 - 7999 CF $0.1331
8000 + CF $0.2002

When Am I Billed?

Water Tolls Utility Invoices

The District reads meters on or around the first full week of the month, every two months (approximately every 60 days) with invoices sent the following week. Billing months for water tolls utility are:

  • February
  • April
  • June
  • August
  • October
  • December

Payment is due upon receipt of invoice.  Accounts that remain unpaid after the due date will incur a 10% penalty.

Parcel Tax Invoices

The District invoices for the annual Parcel Tax in March and is due on or before June 30th. Accounts that remain unpaid after the due date will incur an 18% penalty. Accounts in arrears for the previous tax years will incur daily interest on balances. If Parcel Tax remains unpaid for three years or more, your property may be subject to Tax Sale.

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