MBWD Parcel Tax 2021 Changes


Mill Bay Waterworks District has reviewed the way that it calculates Parcel Tax and want to let you know about some changes we will be making in 2021.

Parcel Tax is collected to fund the renewal of our system as it ages. Currently, Parcel Tax is a flat-rate amount based on the category of parcel – residential, commercial etc. This flat rate arrangement does not consider the amount of infrastructure that needs to be maintained to support the development on the parcel.

For 2021, parcels of land will be assessed a flat-rate amount and will be charged additional amounts if there is more than one dwelling or unit on the parcel. These other amounts are commonly used by Improvement Districts and authorized under sections 708 and 714 of the Local Government Act.

In practice, most landowners, with a single unit on their parcel, will see no change in the way their Parcel Tax is calculated. Landowners with more than one dwelling or unit on their parcel should expect to see increased charges so that contributions to the renewal of our infrastructure are equitable for all ratepayers.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please contact our office.