On Friday, April 19th, Mill Bay Waterworks District will be flushing water mains on Frayne Road, Partridge Road, and Seaview Road. Additionally on Tuesday, April 23rd in the evening, there will be flushing on Handy Road and surrounding business areas, as well as Shawnigan-Mill Bay Road by Frances Kelsey Secondary School and Brulette Road. While flushing is underway short periods of low pressure and discoloured water may be experienced.  Any discolouration is temporary and not a health hazard.  If you experience any discolouration in your water, it is recommended that you run a cold water tap in a bathtub for several minutes until the water runs clear.  If the problem persists, please contact our office. We encourage you to sign up to receive important alerts. If you were signed up on our old website, you will need to register on our new site. Please call our office if you have any questions 250.743.9023.