Annual General Meeting Information and Minutes

The Board of Trustees is required to hold an AGM each year to review the previous year with the ratepayers.  The financial audit is presented, a Chairman's report is given, and a review of works done and works planned are discussed.  Parcel Tax and Water Toll Utility rate changes are also presented. If you would like to learn more about your water improvement district, please keep an eye open for the next AGM date (generally held at the end of March) and join us. 


Mill Bay Waterworks District Annual General Meeting

The 2020 MBWD AGM was held on November 17, 2020. The meeting minutes of the 2020 AGM are available below and will be approved at the next AGM.

We anticipate the 2021 MBWD AGM and Trustee Election will take place in March 2021. Both of these events will be held separately like it was this year.

More information will follow.


Responsibilities of a Trustee

Being an MBWD Trustee requires taking on responsibilities in the best interest of the District. The list below are examples of responsibilities and duties that are included, but are not limited to:

  • an MBWD Trustee represents the interests of everyone in the Mill Bay Improvement District, not just a specific group
  • an MBWD Trustee may need to attend additional meetings over and above the regular Board Meetings held every second Tuesday of the month at 2:00 pm
  • an MBWD Trustee is a policy and lawmaker and a steward of public service to the community of Mill Bay
  • an MBWD Trustee ensures MBWD's resources are used effectively and for the long-term benefit of the landowners in the District
  • an MBWD Trustee must be accountable, transparent, ethical and respectful of the rules of law
  • an MBWD Trustee must work collaboratively with the other Trustees
  • an MBWD Trustee must become familiar with the legislation, insurance, property assessment, taxation, meeting procedures, basic water system design, water quality standards, fire protection, labour relations and bylaw enforcement.

Please see the MBWD Board of Trustee Handbook for more information or call the office.



2020 AGM Agenda 2020 AGM Agenda